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Where are we playing?

In fact not everybody is in town at the same time, we nah gonna play any show now. Maybe yuh can hear us in December again, u zeet? Therefore we would need a bass man / woman. So if anybody knows somebody who we nah know already ...

19. Dec. 2015 21:00
10 years High Season
Eiskeller / Hagenberg
Irie Sensation, Hoizkopf, Beavis and Butthead
10 years High Season
24. Oct. 2014 22:00
A Häkl im Eiskölla
Eiskeller / Hagenberg
Phones & DJ Maxi
A Häkl im Eiskölla
27. Sep. 2014 22:00
Come on! let's party!
Katsdorf / Pappa Mondo
Come on! let's party!
06. Sep. 2014 15:00
Eugene The Cat, ...

Listen this!

High Season - Mashup

High Season - Fireplace

High Season - Geld mocht ned glücklich

High Season - Bun dem

High Season - I drug di ned

High Season - 3 klane Vegl

Look pon we

Our History


Else greetings! We are High Season a Roggae band straight outta Upper-Austria. Our secret recipe includes a touch of salt, two well-filled spoons of Reggae, mixed with austrian slang and patois ... thing called Roggae yuh zeet?

In case yuh wanna know more ...

Since 2005 we are jamming in our latitude and since then nuff things a gwaan. At the beginning we were called "The Roots" and played some Ska-Rock ina kilt style yuh understand? After we recognized that our name was already given, we were called "Waste Away" for a short time and finally after a dictonary action our name "High Season" was created.

Until 2009 we already played some gigs even at the Castle Open Air in Reichenstein (Upper-Austria) and we already recorded our first demo cd inclded 11 songs, but in July 2009 Berni and Saiman start jamming ina the old studio (we already call the equipment our own) of Irie Sensation Sound and Deliciouz Crew. 10 hours later, dem got lyrics, a melody and put the record online (play "Chilling to di max"). Roggae and a deep friendships were born. Since then we gwaan ina two-voice style, yuh dunno we tell ya?

Finally in 2010 we recorded our second demo-cd thing called "Here We are". In 2010 we recorded "Mashup" and "Fireplace" fi a university project of Saiman.
Since December 2013 we call a 40m² rehearsal room our own and in December 2014 we bought a small but fine studio in deh. With a studio ina the back, a brass section which blows in harmony, experiences fi work up with musically, yuh should here more of us ina the future.

Stay tuned so far.

Berni, Hard
singing, texting, guitarman
working hard
Berni, Hard
Saiman, C-Mon, Mon
singing, coding, texting
Jamaica, Reggae, BBQ
Saiman, C-Mon, Mon
Florian, Flem, Jam-Whistle-Flem, Trompeda
playing di horn and accordion
chilling and cooking some Wiener Schnitzel
Florian, Flem, Jam-Whistle-Flem, Trompeda
Martin, Etzi
sax man
learning and chilling
Martin, Etzi
playing di drums

Check out di news!

25. Jul. 2016

Greetings everybody,

we nah gave a life signal for a long time and with this ya one we come with an unpleasant message.

Sometimes life nah easy and di "only" thing yuh haffi do is fi change something to develop ... in every sense.
With tears pon we face - but a whole heap of joyfull memories - we haffi announce that we end the work fi we actual drummer Gaisi.
We wish him all the best on his life journey and hope that we a go drink some cups / bottles together ina future fi sure. ( We are all glad fi get known each other ;) --> we know wha gwaan ... )

But, this nah means that di band no longer exists, u zeeeet? A that naaah work yuh understand?! Beni Bongo is going fi kick di drums and ina relaxed mood we are searching fi a new bass man, just in case.
Hiding ina rehearsal room, checking out tune fi tune til' we can spread our vibez again, yuh understand?!
Keep on writing new tunes and di best thing would be fi "come back" with something ina we hands, black gold prefered ;)

In the end we haffi say that this ya video is a tribute to Gaisi. :) Big up di man deh, coz him learned all the setlists of High Season and Fre!lande!er very fast.

Else, c ya soon.

28. Nov. 2015

We gonna celebrate our birthday!


We gonna celebrate our birthday!

28. Oct. 2015

Bless up!

We are irie and proud fi announce you our brand new digital band member - it nah got a name yet (but we are open fi proposals). We are excited how the CD(s) a go look like which will be produced by that machine.

Bless up!

02. Sep. 2015

Welcome back Beni Bongo!

Irie vybez a gwaan ina studio when Beni joined todays rehearsal. So we haffi do a jam session. Him healthy, fit and motivated to di max, we like that. Bless up bro.

Welcome back Beni Bongo!

11. Jul. 2015

Wha happen deyah?

Nah seen a long time, but still know each other ! 3 tunes a day ... that's ok! Have a irie weekend !

Wha happen deyah?

01. Jul. 2015

Website is online

A good thing takes time, but rather more we are online ina responsive style, u zeet? Ina ya eye!


pon our website!

By the way ... up deh up deh ...

Respect your roots
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